Data Integrity with Ease

The Factom Protocol is a data integrity protocol utilized by the U.S Department of Homeland Security and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The protocol provides easy integration into legacy systems without the need to handle cryptocurrency.

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Factom Protocol Two Token System

Factom’s two token system provides a one-way burning of the volatile native token of the protocol into a non-tradeable fixed-value Entry Credit that allows entry of data onto the protocol. Companies and governments can now utilize a public blockchain without needing to handle volatile cryptocurrencies. 

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The Factom Protocol

The Factom Protocol represents opportunities for businesses, governments, and other entities to record and preserve their data in an immutable and cost-efficient way. 


Build powerful protocols, audit technologies, and DAPPS with ease using Factom's pure data architecture built for securing data.


PegNet is a stablecoin network and asset layer for decentralized finance built on the Factom Protocol. PegNet enables users to hold value, make payments, and instantly convert between any of the pegged assets supported by the protocol.
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Factom Asset Token

Factom Asset Token (FAT) is a modular language-independent protocol built on Factom for Tokens and WASM powered Smart Contracts. Easily create flexible and efficient NFT’s and fungible tokens.

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Factoid(FCT), the Native Factom token 

See how the 2-token system drives the Factom Protocol. 

Factoid Price
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Grant Pool
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In the Media

Factom Nasdaq
Equator Launches Mortgage Servicing Blockchain Solution.

Factom DHS
DHS Awards Austin-Based Factom, Inc. 192K for blockchain tech.

Factom Healthcare
Gates Foundation awards Factom, Inc. a grant for medical records.

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