The Protocol

Efficient, scalable, and inexpensive, the Factom protocol paves the way for worldwide data security at the second layer. Sync your company's audit trails, build DAPPS and digital identities, issue flexible non-fungible tokens, and more.

Secure Open-Source Technology

Data Secured

With the Factom Protocol, data of any kind can be entered into the Factom blockchain, and then anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain. With this sequence, any changes to your data are distinguishable, verifiable, and visible in the audit trail. The Factom Protocol ensures the immutability and provenance of all data.

The Security of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Brought to Your Data

The Factom protocol is an independent data layer that comes to consensus on data using a 4-stage confirmation process: Process list, Minute, Factom Block, anchored. To reach the final confirmation stage, the merkle root of the current Factom Block has been published to the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, achieving impenetrable security for any form of data entered into Factom. 

Chain of Chains

The Factom Protocol has a unique structure, built as a set of chains linked together into a directory layer. This means you can build applications and know that all data for that application will be held within a specific data chain, allowing faster search and indexing and allowing you to only track and sync with a small portion of the Factom Protocol to run your application.

Factom scaling

Built for Scaling

The Factom protocol was designed from the start for sharding. The Factom protocol is pure data. Separating token transactions and computation from the data layer allows for efficient sharding of the blockchain. An efficiently sharded data blockchain allows for continuous and real time securing of the level of data enterprise customers demand.

Low and Stable Cost

The Factom protocol is unique in that the cost to write data to the blockchain is fixed and unrelated to the wider cryptocurrency market. This is because of its unique two-token design, which allows a company to secure its data with the protocol while knowing exactly what it will cost, and without using or holding any volatile cryptocurrency.

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