Technologies Built with
the Factom Protocol

The Factom protocol enables developers to build powerful open source technologies. The Factom® protocol’s unique two-token system lowers the barrier for enterprise companies to build applications that require cost stability and ease of integration with existing system.


The Factom Asset Token protocol (FAT protocol) is an open source tokenization protocol built on the Factom® blockchain that is efficient, modular, composable, and extensible allowing developers to layer token functionality to meet their specific use case. The FAT protocol is built around a set of open source standards that establish a pure-data tokenization implementation directly within the efficient data structure of the Factom® blockchain.

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Voting Protocols

Flexible on-chain voting protocols integrate seamlessly into your applications with a variety of voting systems. Quickly and easily enable your applications with the most cost effective fully audit-able, immutable, and censorship resistant blockchain voting protocol.

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Smart Contracts

The Factom protocol enables a myriad of smart contract technologies. Build cheap and fully auditable stand alone smart contracts that keep all of your data private, or integrate into the FAT protocol to create self executing smart contracts.

Identity Solutions

The Factom protocol is the optimal platform to build identity solutions, and provides a robust set of infrastructure for digital identities. With the Factom® protocol’s pure data implementation it’s easy to build decentralized identifiers, auditable attestations, and self sovereign identities.

Enterprise Solutions

Discover enterprise blockchain solutions built by the community that utilize the Factom Protocol

Signed At Source™ -Cryptographically accelerated IoT security

Signed At Source tm is a solution for IoT devices which combines hardware and blockchain technology to sign incoming data and produce an immutable entry. This process enables a completely trusted and irrefutable record of IoT data from its origin.


Factom® Protocol for Kofax

Use the Factom protocol to add authenticity to all documents the moment they enter your systems: the moment you scan them with Kofax Capture® or other scanning systems.


Factom® PRO

Factom PRO is Blockchain as a Service platform for enterprise applications and a gateway for businesses to access Factom Blockchain without the need to handle cryptocurrency or deal with cumbersome deep tech.


Blockchain proof for any application

Any developer can integrate their application with the Factom protocol blockchain. With just a few endpoints to call, the API resolves all the low-level API complexities and gets you up and running in just a few hours.


Factom® Protocol for Alfresco

Use the Factom protocol to add authenticity to all the documents you create, store, process, share or archive with Alfresco Content and Process Management with Sphereon's standard integration package.


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