Factom Inc. works with Department of Homeland Security

Factom Inc. is working together with Dept. of Homeland Security to help them create an identity log that captures the identification of a device, who manufactured it, lists of available updates, known security issues and authorities granted access while adding the dimension of time for added security.

Homeland Security is hoping to use Factom's technology to secure IoT devices like surveillance cameras, to prevent anyone from spoofing or tampering with them, which has been a known issue that agencies are dealing with. If you’re interested in the details of the technology, the presentation by Factom Inc. at the Texas Bitcoin Conference covers all the information.

Interesting quotes from the presentation were: “As a result of working with the Department for Homeland Security we’ve had other Government Agencies and pseudo-Government Agencies contact us that are interested.” and “The Government is watching this project very closely, and Congress... there is a mandate to secure all of the infrastructure.... That is what we’ve been told.”

What is the DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program?

The DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program was launched in 2015, and one of its primary goals is to find new technologies that improve national security in government. DHS has reached out to the private sector, and have taken an open-minded approach to all possible technologies that can help them fulfil their mission. As of today, a total of 31 companies have been awarded contracts.

There are 4 Phases:
Phase 1: Proof of Concept, Award between 50k-200k USD, 3-6 Month Duration
Phase 2: Demo Pilot Ready Prototype, Award between 50-200k USD, 3-6 Month Duration
Phase 3: Pilot Test Prototype in Operation, Award between 50-200k USD, 3-6 Month Duration
Phase 4: Test in Various Operational Scenarios, Award between 50-200k USD, 3-6 Month Duration

Factom Inc. is currently in Phase 4 alongside only 1 other company of the 31. Currently, Phase 4 will end on 31st of March. Make sure to register for the newsletter or Discord below if you want to keep up to date.

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