Enterprise Solutions

Discover enterprise blockchain solutions built by the community that utilize the Factom® Protocol

Signed At Source™ -Cryptographically accelerated IoT security

Signed At Source tm is a solution for IoT devices which combines hardware and blockchain technology to sign incoming data and produce an immutable entry. This process enables a completely trusted and irrefutable record of IoT data from its origin.


Factom® Protocol for Kofax

Use the Factom® protocol to add authenticity to all documents the moment they enter your systems: the moment you scan them with Kofax Capture® or other scanning systems.


Factom® Enterprise API

Easy interaction with the Factom® for enterprise. No crypto tokens or nodes needed. Use Enterprise API endpoints & SDKs to write & read data on the Factom® blockchain.


Blockchain proof for any application

Any developer can integrate their application with the Factom® protocol blockchain. With just a few endpoints to call, the API resolves all the low-level API complexities and gets you up and running in just a few hours.


Factom® Harmony™ Connect

Harmony™ Connect provides a simple REST API to read, write, and search Factom blockchain entries. It comes with everything you need to get started, including APIs, SDKs, documentation, and a blockchain explorer to verify and debug entries.


Factom® Protocol for Alfresco

Use the Factom® protocol to add authenticity to all the documents you create, store, process, share or archive with Alfresco Content and Process Management with Sphereon's standard integration package.